Personal Coaching
  • One on one expert dog assistance to help "YOU" become your own dog trainer and handler
  • Shape pleasent behaviors and get rid of unwanted ones
  • Learn to get and keep your dogs attention in different situations
  • Learn key tricks of the trade such as timing and consistency
  • Nurture your bond and communication with your dog
  • Learn to be present and further your understanding of the calming powers of Zen
  • Understand the significance of the term "Pack Leader" and become one
$120.00 per 1.5 - 2 Hour Sessions (Please allow for more time if needed)


Take the Lead

Zen Dogz is proud to present Take The Lead.

An 8 week hands on course designed to teach you all of the skills necessary to train and attain harmony with your dog.
Every dog can be a good dog; it is all in how they are managed. Take The Lead will teach you how easy it really is!

By the end of the course you'll have learned:
- How to manage any behavioral problem.
- How to get your dog to come when it is called!
- How to get your dog to walk in a heel on and off leash.
- Advanced obedience skills in close range and from a distance.
- How to get your dog's full attention in both calm and real life distracting environments.

But best of all you will have gained your dog's trust by taking the time to learn how it communicates and views the world; and by showing it that you are a calm and confident pack leader :)

Learning in our class setting will give you constant support from our expert instructor and assistants, as well as build your confidence around other dogs, people and everyday distractions. Everybody in the class is there for similar reasons and we will all be helping each other reach our goals with our dogs.


  • Classes are held 3 times per week. (That's 24 fully guided classes!)


  • $650.00 per dog.
  • $400.00 for each additional dog from the same household.


  • This course plan is engineered to ensure your success.
  • We encourage everyone who handles the dog on a regular basis to participate
  • Must have at least one handler per dog in attendance
  • Classes will be held rain or shine, so please dress appropriately