Mandy and Cam Dinning (Finn) over 1 years ago

It is very comforting to know that while we are at work, someone as trustworthy and pet-loving as Mark, is taking care of our lab, Finley. He is reliable, responsive and trustworthy and we would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for pet care or walks.

Mandy & Cameron

Kim Nixon (Echo and Nova) over 1 years ago

I have had the good fortune to have Mark walk my dogs, a golden retriever and a German shepherd for the past year. Mark leads his canine pack with a quiet confidence that is impressive. He is attentive to each dogs personality and to the interactions within the pack creating a harmonious and well behaved group of happy dogs. I have complete trust in Marks ability to care for my dogs and I can unreservedly recommend him.

Russ Francis over 4 years ago

Dogs seem to really “get” Mark, almost treating him as one of them!
Mark really has a way with dogs.
The most amazing fact is that Mark works with leadership and praise, with little else in the way of incentives.
I know dog owners who worried that their dogs would never become socialized—but Mark worked wonders with them, making both dogs and owners happy.
Highly recommended!

Kevin and Adrienne Archambault over 4 years ago

My husband and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mark over the past year.  We originally contacted him for dog sitting services but that quickly grew into dog sitting, training and walking services.  After years and years and numerous failed attempts with numerous other dog trainers, we have finally found in Mark a knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and caring trainer who has actually been able to turn our problem dog turn into a good dog.  Mark is such a pleasure to work with and we both highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with their four legged family members.

Kevin and Adrienne Archambault

Coco Elgood over 4 years ago

On our neighbors recommendation, we enlisted Mark's help to work with our dogs to improve their manners and obedience at home, on walks, and with other dogs.
I would recommend Mark's dog services for dog outings and training. Mark has taken our 2 chocolate lab brothers out several times and they have received good exercise and exposure to other dogs, learning their place and manners. Mark has worked with us on our dog’s behavior at home and we have seen great improvement in their behavior by following his training advice. It has been a very positive experience for all of us! We are looking forward to continuing working with Mark and to the continued improvement in our dog’s behavior, which makes them much more pleasant to be around!

Coco Elgood

Jessi-Anne Reeves and Joe Manzione over 4 years ago

Mark's services have been invaluable during our first year with our dog, Geddy. Mark took a lot of time to get to know Geddy, and to help us get to know Geddy as well. In addition to being a reliable and attentive daytime caregiver for Geddy, Mark was very informative and helpful as our rescue pup adjusted to his new life. He was also very eager to answer our questions, which really helped us as first time dog owners. We have learned a lot about obedience, security and trust from Mark, and as a result, we have a very, very happy dog. Geddy loves his daily pack walks with Mark and the gang, and we feel great knowing that Geddy is in such good hands while we are at work. Thanks Mark!!

Jessi-Anne and Joe

Siobhan Goguen (Zeus) over 4 years ago

Dear Dog Owner,

It is my pleasure to provide this letter of reference for Mark Johnson of Zen Dogz.

Mark has been indispensable for me and my family in caring for and training my border terrier Zeus. From the very first day that Zeus spent with Mark, I noticed a big improvement in Zeus’ behaviour; he was and continues to be more obedient and able to focus on my commands. Mark’s calm but assertive demeanour instils tremendous confidence in dog owners and dogs alike – he is able to handle a large pack of dogs with ease. Even though Zeus is a high energy dog, I never was concerned that Mark could not deal with Zeus appropriately and I did not worry when Zeus was in Mark’s care.

Mark has done one-on-one training with me and my family, has provided day care, sleepovers and longer term care and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any of those services.

Siobhan Goguen

Nancy Giurici (Charley) almost 5 years ago

Dear Mark,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking care of Charley over the past year. The daily walks for Charley were fantastic as he was such a good dog when I got home from work, it gave me time to make dinner and spend time with my family before our evening walk together. You have been very dependable and so calm, such a great leader for my energetic lab. The dog sitting service was exceptional as I never worried about Charley when he was in your care. He always came home well behaved and tired. He even loved the camping trip you took him on when he was just a pup!

Bruce and Sylvia Pultz (Mugs) almost 5 years ago

Dear Mark,

Mister Mugs is a changed dog since spending each weekday walking with Mark from Zen Dogz and his "pack". With Marks help he is learning every day as we are. Thank you for all your help!

Sylvia, Bruce & Mister Mugs

Kim Lambrecht (Tuk and Barley) over 5 years ago

Mark Johnson has worked with and walked my dogs since January 2012.

I have two dogs, both rescues. My older one is 12 years old; the younger one is now 17 months old. The younger dog is very gentle, but large (80lbs) and strong. He was not quite a year old when Mark began working with him. The older dog is high energy and has never learned to walk without pulling on the leash.

At the time I met Mark I was looking for a trainer/walker as I was feeling frustrated in trying to walk both dogs. Neither of them walked properly on leash, and no matter what I tried I could not teach them. It was too difficult walking them together, so I ended up walking them one at a time. (Good exercise for me, but very time consuming). It was also very frustrating in finding a dog walker who I trusted and who had similar expectations in terms of training and disciplining my dogs.

How I met Mark and decided to hire him is an interesting story. I have a job that offers me some flexibility in terms of my work day. One morning, I worked from home until late morning. When I was leaving my home I witnessed something that IMMEDIATLEY made me decide to hire Mark.

As I was backing my vehicle out of my driveway, I saw the most amazing thing: Mark was loading up his pack in my neighborhood after their daily walk. But here is what I almost could not believe. That day, I think he had ten (10) dogs (various sizes, breeds, and colors). All ten were leashed and sitting on the sidewalk. Mark was loading them into his van. All of the dogs were quite, sitting, and well-behaved. I could not believe my eyes. I remained in my vehicle and watched Mark load the dogs. None misbehaved. Mark was calm, and the dogs responded on cue. Just as Mark loaded the last dog, I drove up to where his van was parked and began to chat about what I just witnessed. Mark smiled as he modestly explained his business and his obvious skill in handling dogs. I asked Mark if he had time to work with my dogs, and luckily for me, he did.

During a consultation with Mark, he had both my dogs walking properly on the leash in less than one hour. Mark also shared some tips on how I could work with my dogs. I saw results within a couple of weeks.

Because I have a demanding job, I hired Mark to walk my dogs three times a week. My dogs responded very well to him and are much better behaved. I can now walk both my dogs by myself (without having my arms yanked from their sockets).

Mark is a skilled dog handler. He is calm and confident. He manages his business very professionally. He communicates any concerns he has or changes to his schedule well in advance of the change. He is punctual. He is willing to answer questions and to accommodate requests. Mark is a very personable individual, and he is genuine and trustworthy.

I highly recommend Mark to handle, work with, and walk your dogs.

Kim Lambrecht